Thank you for visiting the True Performance Fitness website. I hope you find the information and material informative and interesting. Before I tell you what inspired me to start the True Performance (TP) endeavour let me tell you a bit more about my background.

I am a Bulgarian native, originally from a small town near the East Coast of the Black Sea. I was brought up in a family of farmers and hard work was an everyday reality for me. Although being very active and playing sports every day as a young teenager, I was also introduced to all the naughty things that go with the teen years; alcohol and cigarettes for example. (Thank God that during the Cold War drugs were not obtainable in the Eastern bloc). At the age of 18 and weighing 65kg, I had to fulfil my duty as a male citizen of Bulgaria and serve a compulsory national military service.

Although the army taught me valuable lessons like self-discipline and hard work, it did nothing for my health and well-being. I was exposed to unhealthy food and an unhealthy way of living. The army back then was nothing like in the Hollywood movies. We worked hard (not exercise but actual manual labour) and had no access to healthy food or a healthy environment. The bottom line is, a year and half later at age of twenty, I came out of the army weighing 95kg; a well-rounded young man with wrecked sleeping patterns ready to embrace life.

As a typical youngster I wanted to explore the world. For the next three years of my life I ended up in Cyprus working on a farm in a small conservative village up in the mountains. Along with all good things that I had experienced, I was heavily exposed to chemicals like pesticides and artificial fertilisers consistently on daily basis for 3 years. I could only account for this later in my life as I got a bit more educated about health and human physiology.

Not good!

At the age of twenty-five I decided to move to London. Oh, boy, London, what a great city! Yes, but I found out it can be easy to get sucked into the unhealthy that comes with a busy lifestyle of this beautiful city. I ended up working in a kitchen and I was quickly promoted to Head Chef running a kitchen in a trendy bar and dining room on Baker Street. This was the tip of the iceberg! At that point I was 100kg with no major health related issues but enough to cause trouble in my everyday life, such as

Finally, at the age of 27 I decided to join a local gym and get fit. This is when everything started!

I quickly fell in love with the environment and knew that this was really what I wanted to do for a living. I signed up to the first personal training course available and quit my job! Five months later I was working in a commercial gym in the city and I was enjoying it very much!

Okay now, let me take you back to the beginning of this story “what inspired me to set up my business and call it True Performance Fitness”.

At this point I was already training hard and had lost significant body weight, but I had never achieved the nice and lean looking body that I wanted. After achieving some average results and after the intensive five-month personal training course, I thought I knew everything about fat loss. All I believed at that point was that I needed to work harder and eat less and the results would come.

After two years of hard training, lots of injuries and total body exhaustion, I managed to inspire a lot of people in my gym and I earned a lot of respect from my colleagues and gym members; but the truth was that I still didn’t have the body I wanted. Interestingly enough, I noticed the same pattern in many of my clients and other gym members that had been working hard and claiming to be eating less and yet they still looked physically average, with some of them likely clinically obese.

On the other hand, I had colleagues and members who looked great; with six packs and very lean, muscular physiques. It seemed as though they didn’t need to train or diet nearly as hard as us (the chubby bunch). I started to ask the question “why is that?” and I was only getting one answer from more experienced personal trainers and various professionals, this answer was: “oh, they have better genetics”. Well, that answer wasn’t good enough for me! I wanted to know the real answer. I wanted my perfectly lean physique, but I wanted to achieve it without the use of anabolic drugs. As I am a naturally very observant person, I started to notice something wrong with what we have been taught and what the mainstream media and government are advocating.

This desire to know more prompted my research into functional medicine and the connection between physiology and fat loss. This is when I entered the rabbit whole and I believe now, ten years later I am very close to the bottom of it. As I began to learn more about human physiology and the connection between health and fat loss, I came to a very important realisation. How well you will respond to a diet and exercise regime depends a lot on how your physiology is working from inside. A strong and healthy digestive and gastrointestinal system is paramount in order to burn fat efficiently.

Turns out, the western world can be very toxic! There is a great connection between toxicity and fat loss. Also, a huge amount of misleading information on detox programs. Exercise has got very little to do with fat loss, providing that all criteria above are not met. Allow me to open little bracket about my last point as I can hear some of you already screaming “what! Exercise is not good for you?!” I believe that exercise for fat loss is ineffective and impossible if all other points above are not addressed, but I do believe that in order to build an attractive and healthy physique, you need to build muscle and strength, and this can only happen by exposing your muscles to weight baring (even if just your own body weight). Also, holding more muscle mass will help indirectly with fat loss by increasing one’s basic metabolic rate. So, exercise is good!

After realising all these important truths about fat loss and building an aesthetically good-looking physique it was apparent to me that unless I fix my gastro intestinal health and improve my physiology, I will never be able to attain my dream body shape without the use of anabolic drugs. During the process of my own transformation, I helped many other people get in shape, but every time I had a new client It was hard work going against the generalised belief system.
I promised myself that one day I would create an organisation/establishment that will be entirely devoted to spread the truth around the world about fat loss and fitness, truly helping ordinary people to achieve their dream physiques and optimal health, drug free! And I promised myself that this same organisation would not be driven by profits and everything we say, and claim will be in the best interest of our individual clients. So, welcome to True Performance Fitness. Now you know what we do, are you willing to take the journey to not only better health, but a better well-being and therefore, a better life?

With Gratitude,

Mr. Ivor Ivanov