What Have We Realised?

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, let’s recap!

What have we learnt so far or more accurately said “what have we realised?” so far.

  1. We need a burning desire and clear objectives in order to achieve great results in any aspect in life!
  2. We need to condition our conscious minds by feeding our subconscious minds with successful stories and motivational information on the topics we are interested in. In our case- Fitness and Wellbeing.
  3. It is imperative to set up clear objectives about fitness and wellbeing. Objectives need to be SMART.
    Timed Framed

We talked about specificity in the fitness industry and by now if you have followed me you would have either agreed with me that we all have the same specific objectives when it comes to fitness and wellbeing or you would simply disagree.

If you agree, that means you have agreed to the following points

  1. Reduce Body Fat
  2. Build Muscle or at least maintain it
  3. For novice trainee the two above should be targeted at the same time
  4. Maximal Strength. This normally is a very nice and satisfactory byproduct for the novice trainee (only for the beginner) form the training regimen.

And again, if I have intrigued you enough just keep watching for my next truthful (the truth through my eyes) article:
The Bodybuilder, The Natural Fitness Enthusiasts, The Optimum Health, The Fat Loss and Muscle build connection!

ON THE OTHER HAND IF YOU DON’T AGREE WITH ME, man, I will hunt you down and if you are bigger than me I will use the force to destroy you, if you are smaller though than me I will just use my natural strength! Ha ha, I am only kidding!

Seriously, if this the case please challenge me, ask questions, give opinions, go back and read my previous posts, let’s rip this topic apart as mindset and the art of goal setting is the strongest foundation to build your house of fitness and wellbeing. The methods that you will use, information that you will keep looking for, all your acknowledgment of the right information, everything that happens after you set your goals will depend on how specific and clear are you objectives and you burning desire to get there.

If your goals and objectives are ambiguous and blurry then you will have no means to track progress and you won’t know if what you doing is working or not!

Any knowledge build on the foundation of truth is very strong and powerful!

The Truth Matters!

Live Your True Potential,
Coach Ivor