The Power of Clear Goal Setting – Part 2

The power of clear goal setting and the first very important step to achieving great results with minimal effort and in the shortest possible time! PART 2

Clear Goal Objectives

Now that we have talked about burning desire let’s spend some time on the science of crystal clear goal setting. After all how can you get somewhere when you don’t even know where it is and what it looks like. Since this is a fitness blog this is the time to get a bit more specific.

A lot of people come to me with the following lines:

  • I just want to lose some weight
  • I will put the following one in a frame because is classic “ I JUST WANT TO GET A BIT FITTER!”. Fit for what?!
  • I just want to get a bit toned
  • I really want to lose some of my belly
  • The doctor send me to the gym to lose some weight as my cholesterol is too high
  • Just want to get a bit healthier

Well, If you have been working long enough in the fitness industry you know that 99% of the people coming to you with similar ambiguous statements above asking for help are doomed to failure. A lot of trainers and coaches just know that fact but it blows my mind that how very few of them will actually know why is truly that! And in my humble opinion knowing why high percentage of the people described above are doomed to failure is what makes the difference between a good coach and bad coach.

A good coach will know the universal law of goal setting and very first important step to achieving a goal. It is our moral and professional obligation and should really be our mission as coaches to educate our clients and society in general. And education need to start with setting SMART goals. This is what inspired me actually to start my blog with the topic of goal setting- to help educate people on the importance of goal setting, to help them set SMART goals and to make them realise that they need to have the right mindset before they go to see professionals asking for help or if they just would like to join the local gym and start exercising.

Here is a similar scenario of individuals who walk into a gym and seek a professional help from coaches and personal trainers. There are those people that will come to us and say something like:

  • I really need to get to size 8 by March 15th as this is the date of my wedding” or,
  • I am going away in six weeks to Australia and I am going to meet friends I haven’t seen for 15 years and I would like to drop a stone and look my best” or,
  • I am going on holiday on a stag do in LA in 8 weeks and we have a bet going on who will drop the most weight weight and look their best. I weigh 87kg, how much realistically do you think I can drop in 8 weeks?

You don’t have to be a trainer or working in the industry to see which one of the two groups of individuals is most likely to achieve great results but if you are trainer or a coach you feel that you finally got your chance to do what you love. Your blood start boiling and you get the tingling feeling all over your body from excitement that finally you can help someone. If you are a trainer you know that the last described profile of people are the bread and butter of the industry, your walking marketing banners. Many of the trainers feel the excitement but “can not actually explain why this profile people are the preferred choice to work with.

Well, as you can guess the last described group of people have somewhat the right blend of the two important ingredients for success. They all have the burning desire expressed in urgency and clear goal objective to start with which creates the right mindset and belief systems in order to achieve their goal.

Clear Goal will help you to create a critical mindset. If something works, your mind will embrace it, if it doesn’t work your mind will naturally discard it. And how do we know if what we are doing is working?! Very simple! You need to have some means to track progress which is part of the SMART concept. I shall explain shortly.

OK, here is the educational part of this very first article of mine that I would like you to take away and I hope you will start applying from tomorrow- The art of goal setting!

I do believe that everyone is different and everyone has got different goals but when it comes to fitness and wellbeing I personally believe that most of us want the same thing but expressed in different ways using different words. I know this sounds a bit crazy but I will try to prove a point to you. Here is the first lesson for setting up clear and powerful goals which will explain later why I believe that most of us have the same goals when it comes to health and fitness.

Goals to be achieved need to be set in a very SMART way. The word “SMART” here is not just a word but stands for very important principles in goal setting.

T-ime framed

Chasing goals without applying the principles above is like chasing a boat in open waters without a map and a compass hoping you will bump into it at some point if you keep going! Well, what are the chances to find that boat or to achieve your dreamed results? Very minimal in my opinion!

Stay tuned for Part 3 where I will be explaining the first principle of the SMART concept. The principle of specificity is the biggest mindset breaker. Once you understand the principle of specificity then you will understand why I believe that pretty much we all have the same goals!

Behold the Truth,
Coach Ivor