Quick Slim: 8 Week Fat Loss Programme

Designed to help you lose weight and gain energy, TP founder Ivor Ivanov has been fine tuning the Quick Lean Female Programme since he first started helping city executives and recreational athletes get into shape in 2005.

Ladies, you’re not like men, not emotionally and not physiologically. Thank goodness for that and what a blessing for us men. According to science, men and women are neurologically different.

For example, men can’t multitask to save their life, and women do it all day long. Men say a colour is purple, women say the same color is lavender, violet, lilac, plum, eggplant, or wine and rose. You have better peripheral vision than us, engage in more complex communication styles, and can pick up on subtle nonverbal cues far better than we do. Our physiology is equally different. Men’s hormones are pretty straight forward. Women’s are a delicate and symphonic interplay of multiple different factors taking an entire month to play out. Because of this, if your hormones are out of balance, not only can weight loss be difficult, but a host of other unpleasant symptoms often accompany them. Due to all these physiological differences, it takes females slightly longer to achieve good tangible and visible results.

This is why my weight loss program is slightly longer than the fat loss program for men – 8 weeks vs 6 weeks.

Based on scientific research and tailored to each female individually, the TP Quick Lean Programme looks at gender-specific differences for optimal fat loss , working to a 8 week optimum time frame to build lean, fat-burning muscle and stimulate weight loss.

TP Quick Lean Programme focuses on:

  • Goal Setting

    Whatever your goal, you can only achieve it if it’s clear and measurable. At the beginning of each TP Quick Lean Programme I’ll measure your body fat percentage and gather information about your hormonal profile using a Biosignature Assessment and extensive Q&A. The Biosignature Assessment allows me to set an achievable, realistic goal for your eight-week programme.

  • Training

    Our training schedule is designed to promote lean muscle and raise lactic acid for optimal fat burning. In order to achieve optimal results you’ll receive three hours training each week with coach Ivor. You’ll also be given 1-2 optional 25-30min high-intensity interval training sessions, which you can do on your own, to accelerate progress.

  • Nutrition

    Alongside weight loss , what you put inside your body plays a major part in how well it functions. The TP Quick Lean programme achieves results not through restrictive calorie counting but rather through eating well. During the first two weeks of the programme you will be asked not to eat any processed food and to cut out alcohol in order to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress and accelerate fat loss.

  • Optimising Metabolic Performance

    How well your body burns fat and responds to an exercise programme and nutritional protocol depends a lot on how well it’s working on the inside. For optimal metabolic performance, the human body needs 92 essential biochemicals such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids daily. The Biosignature Assessment and extensive Q&A undertaken at the beginning of the TP Quick Lean Programme allows me to look at your personal physiology and recommend bionutricuticals and natural remedies to optimise your metabolic performance.

The Quick Slim Programme: 8 Week Fat Loss Programme for women includes 3 PT sessions a week for 8 weeks.
The cost for this programme is £1440.00
(£60 per session)

What you get:

  • Initial consultation, biosignature assessment and nutritional plan based on
    biosignature assessment results.
  • 24personal coaching sessions. You will be required to complete a minimum of
    three one-to-one training sessions a week.
  • Membership and full access to Oneldn gym at Imperial Wharf throughout the programme.
  • Additional training programmes that can fit into the individually tailored six-week plan.
  • Ongoing Biosignature assessments and dietary guidance based on your
    evolving body composition.
  • 7 days a week, 24 hour contact via phone and email.
  • Additional resources needed for the implementation of the programme such as websites,
    recipes, articles, videos, and paper reviews.

*Please be aware to get the full benefit from the TP Remote Coaching programme you will need to adhere to all nutritional guideline which may include budgeting extra between £170 to £300 for supplementation You can find a selection of all the supplements that we use here

Full Terms & Conditions for all of our training programmes can be found here