I contacted Ivor after recognising that traditional programmes and gym memberships had not worked for me in the past. I realised I needed a trainer to motivate me and help me achieve my goals. I started with Ivor and was very impressed by his knowledge – not only putting together a tailored training regime but also incorporating a holistic nutrition approach that was also bespoke to my bio signature.

Over a period of 4 months my body fat was reduced from 25% to 8% and I was in the best shape I’ve ever been. I don’t only look great but feel great thanks to the lifestyle advice I received – All thanks to Ivor.  I cannot recommend him enough.”

Bradley completed the Fast Lean Programme 6 Week Fat Loss Programme For Men. You can read more about it here


Ivor is like no other personal trainer. Ivor has, dramatically, helped me so much to achieve my goals I have set out. From getting lean, building mass and losing weight, Ivor is, by far, the best personal trainer I have ever had (or probably ever will have).

What makes Ivor different is that he goes the extra mile & provides invaluable knowledge for all his clients to ensure they achieve their goals. Ivor always looks over me to making sure that I am doing my programs correctly (i.e. techniques); even when it is not our training day. In addition to my workout programs, Ivor regular, and insistently, provides me with bio-signatories to ensure I am on the right track with my fitness objectives and provides me with his everlasting wisdom on dietary and body development, including what supplements to take & when it is appropriate to eat certain foods (i.e. carbs)

Under Ivor’s stewardship, I have reduced my body fat from 24% to 6%, reduced my body weight from 86kg to 74Kg
(recently as low as 70kg) and have gained 5kg in body muscle. Most important of all, Ivor has given me the confidence in life to feel good about myself and has given me the believe I can do anything if I put the effort in.

I have nothing but praise for Ivor and for what he has done for me. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Ivor as a Personal Trainer & am happy to be contacted to provide further details on Ivor’s excellent coaching abilities. Thanks Ivor!”.”

Chris completed the Fast Lean Programme 6 Week Fat Loss Programme For Men. You can read more about it here


Ivor was recommended to me through a friend after I mentioned I wanted to get in shape. It was clear after the intro meeting that Ivor was extremely knowledgeable and he identified the primary aim of reducing my body fat over a compressed 7-week period. After a strict nutrition plan and training regime was implemented, under Ivor’s guidance I managed to reduce my body fat from 19% to 12% over the 7-weeks.

Ivor’s knowledge and expertise was key, so much so that he tailored the programme on a weekly basis depending on results and my body’s ability to cope with changes in nutrition and training – even in the short 7-weeks this has changed my approach to day to day life through the importance of nutrition, training including appropriate muscle groups to focus on depending on progress, and basic areas such as sleep / rest etc”


Whenever I read a testimonial I always think it’s been made up.

But please trust me on this one…Ivor knows what he’s doing, and not many so called personal trainers actually do. There’s no magic wand, you need to commit and work hard. But his approach from the outset was unique (and I’ve had a few trainers over the years). Never have I stuck with one for a year and still going. I was motivated from the outset because of his approach and commitment to me achieving my objectives.

The focus from the outset on nutrition was a revolution for me… And the training regime a real cut above the rest with sound advice throughout. Just glad I bumped into him one rainy day in 2016.

Also a top bloke and loved by all! TRUE PERFORMANCE


I’ve had the pleasure to train with Ivor for over 18 months and in that time he’s completely changed how I think about health and fitness. He helped me focus on what was really needed to achieve my goals, blew away a hundred myths about training and nutrition, and helped me to completely revise my perceptions of what I’m capable of.

In that time he not only helped me achieve my goal of a sub-3-hour marathon, but he was crucial to me building the fitness to run eight marathons in 20 days in 2015, including a top 100 finish at the Marathon des Sables.

He knows how to bring the best out in people and I’d recommend Ivor to anyone.


I trained with Ivor for an intensive (and eye opening 3 months). I found his level of knowledge to be exceptional and there was no area of training or nutrition where he did not have suggestions and advice. I left after training with Ivor having learned so much not to mention having changed physically and mentally. I was pushed to my limits whilst always feeling confident in his approach and skill.

He’s definitely one of the best.


“I have trained with various trainers over the years. But I can honestly say hands down that I had my best experience with Ivor. He stood out from the rest for me because of his knowledge, and the ability to tailor that specifically for me.

He also goes the extra mile not only pushing you to your limits in the gym, but also giving guidance and support on supplements and food that benefited me. I would recommend Ivor to anyone and my results speak for themselves.”

Matt completed the Fast Lean Programme 6 Week Fat Loss Programme For Men. You can read more about it here


When I first met Ivor 3 years ago I was new to personal training and was’t sure it was what i actually wanted. I’ve always struggled to achieve my ideal weight and shape and going to the gym a couple of times a week wasn’t working for me. Ivor’s experience, knowledge, motivation and food plan changed my approach to nutrition and training completely.

Before I started training Ivor took my body composition measurements
, the 25% body fat recorded at that time has now dropped to 17% – Ivor is always keen to take these measurements regularly so that progress can be monitored and we both understand what changes need to be made in either my fitness program or with my nutrition.

Ivor has been a great mentor throughout the years and has always kept the training programs interesting, innovative, and challenging
. His guidance and training sessions have allowed me to progress quickly and to achieve the long term progression I always sought.

I’ve already recommended Ivor to friends and family who are also currently training with him and achieving great results

Maya completed the Quick Slim: 8 Week Fat Loss Programme. You can read more about it here


After trying to loose weight for a long time while counting calories and working out fanatically, I didn’t see any results. My colleague had started a six week programme with Ivor, and for some reason his weight loss was working. I decided to give Ivor’s 6-week programme a try and it changed me completely.

Instead of looking at calories Ivor has a holistic approach through hormonal balance, inflammation and intolerances. After my body was balanced, I was able to lose weight with very little effort. Session are hard, but not pushing it too a point where it’s not fun.

All I can say is – just try 6 weeks!


Ivor is a committed trainer with a deep knowledge of both physical training and nutrition. I have always been active: running, mountaineering and cycling, but put on weight after I took on a city job. I came to Ivor in 2005, 7 years after starting my career and trained with him for 5 years. During that time he totally transformed my diet, and to this day I still follow basically what he taught me.

He transformed my body shape and increased my strength dramatically. I am a lot healthier, and have learned to incorporate training and nutrition into my daily routine. It would be easy to judge Ivor on his own appearance and think he can only create images of himself. This would be to do him a huge disservice.

Ivor trained me for the New York Marathon in 2007
, during which I ran with a childhood friend who had followed the traditional training for the event. At 22 miles my friend had to stop, complaining his vastus medialis (a muscle) had given up… the very muscle that Ivor had diligently trained me to strengthen over the preceding months.

And last of all, Ivor will keep you motivated with his love for the science of training


Sometimes it’s just better let others talk.Ivor’s knowledge of how our body, hormones and metabolism work and why people get fat surpasses that of many medical professionals I’ve had the chance to discuss this with. Ivor knows how to transform the human body to its true potential.

I now feel strong with endless energy, mental clarify and focus. I really can’t recommend Ivor highly enough. His knowledge and wealth of experience as a personal trainer have literally changed my life – I’ve never felt better physically or psychologically“.

I just want to add, thank you for believing in me. 

This girl rocks! What dedication!

I will give you Christina as an example. She didn’t join the gym because she likes boxing or a bit of yoga, or a bit Pilates and may be some personal training… No, she came to me with burning desire to get in shape and she was ready to do anything necessary to get her to her goals.

They have a clear vision/objective

She changed her diet and lifestyle and took every single supplement that I had suggested although some of them didn’t work.

For a physical transformation to occur we all need a behavioural and habitual transformation along the way and I am not talking about the gym behaviour and habits. I remember the day when she had to give up her favourite coffee 3 in one in order to move forward. It was hard because she had been having this coffee for years. Believe it or not that was a breakthrough to get her physique where she is now. You may say “it is just one little coffee” but you won’t believe how much all these little habits that we have are holding us back.

No wasting time in the gym. She comes and trains 3 or 4 hours a week, twice with me, as well as something on her own but every minute in the gym is dedicated to achieving the goal. No silliness or socialising in the gym.

All her workouts are not driven by her emotions but by only one objective- to get in the best possible shape as soon as possible. Nothing can beat a well-designed weight training programme. You can see from the videos what type of training she is doing. And voila, the results are in place. And please don’t say “I don’t want to look like her”.

If your goal is to not be as trim, then your desired physique would be somewhere between the middle and final pictures but unfortunately, I don’t have an image. And finally, let me finish with my favourite quote- The victory is for the persistent!