Make Your Diet a Healing Process Part 2

You may remember I posted an article that covered the actual problems with the way modern world is living and a basic understanding of the million-pound question “WHY THE HECK ARE WE FAT?” Even though we exercise more than ever and we are more health conscious than ever, the statistics are not in humanity’s favour.

This is Part 2 to that article, to read PART 1 click here.

In order to move to the main topic smoothly, I will outline the 4 major reasons why I think (in my humble opinion) we are fat and why we have low testosterone (in men) and unbalanced hormonal matrix (in both men and women).

  1. Toxicity
  2. Poor quality sleeping patterns.
  3. Gut Health- food sensitivity and gut flora.
  4. Insulin Resistance.

Any of these problems or a combination (most of the time) will put our physiology into stress mode (fight or flight). When stress is introduced occasionally, and with high intensity (like exercise for example) our bodies know very well how to handle it. But when the stress on our bodies is constant and mildly elevated, we get chronic elevation of cortisol which over time (years) eventually leads to chronic inflammation and oxidative stress.

Chronic inflammation and oxidative stress may have a significant impact on our health, but it is also the main reason why we are fat despite the very active lifestyle we have (at least in the big capital cities around the world).

The best book in the world. Strong Medicine: How to Conquer Chronic Disease and Achieve Your Full Athletic Potential Read it, and you will understand!

So, if we want to get rid of some of the blubber and feel more healthy, we need to put a plan together that addresses all of the four areas above at the same time. Please note, it’s vital this happens “at the same time” because if one system is unregulated it impacts the rest of the systems negatively.

Here’s an example:

You eat gluten, and you are sensitive to gluten. This will cause chronic inflammation and will impair your sleep. Because of poor sleep, you will wake up tired and wired in the morning, and you will reach for carb-heavy breakfast with a latte. This will cause high insulin spike and you will need more sugar and coffee for the rest of the day. This vicious cycle will result in more chronic inflammation and oxidative stress.

And this is how it goes day after day.

So, the key to success is to apply all of the solutions at the same time.

  1. Stop drinking tap water. As previously mentioned in Part 1, it is poison (go to part 1 for more information on this topic). Use Ashbeck from Tesco, or Mountain spring water from M&S. Fiji water could be a treat. This is not negotiable as it is easy and relatively cheap and it is of utmost importance to the detoxification system. Don’t believe me about the water? Just watch the documentary bellow.
  2. Stop using microwave ovens. There is so much research on this done so go and just google “is microwave oven harmful?” You will find various opinions but if it is not definite “yes” (meaning, yes I will use microwave for the rest of my life) for me that means is definite “no”. I would not risk my long term health or the health of my family if there is a danger arising. And it is not hard to live a life without microwave oven. I don’t have one at home! Ditch it!
  3. Cleaning and personal care products. OK! You can do a lot or as little you like about this but any investment you make will pay off by improving your long term health and optimising your sex hormones. Here is a website to go and find your solutions.
  4. Sort out you sleep.
  5. Start a diet that will tackle insulin resistance and any gastrointestinal problems you might have AT THE SAME TIME! Please remember- you don’t have to have any prominent gastrointestinal symptoms in order to have a compromised gut integrity. Your body fat percentage says it all, especially if fat accumulates around your mid section. Please remember that my aim is not to propel cure but to go after optimal health. It is very grey area between possessing optimal health and being sick and authority keeps failing miserably to teach us what optimal health is! I do believe that they confuse us purposefully but this is another topic.

One of the many things that I learnt from one of the most succesiful transformation coaches in the world, Nick Mitchal (the owner of UP FITNESS), is that

“If you chase perfection you will probably only catch excellence!” and I thought that is a damn good saying!

I will outline bellow a very abrivated and general strategy how to start your journey but you will have to find your way into it. Each stage will have different duration for different people. It will depend on your starting body fat percentage and how bad your physiology had been harmed throughout your life, what age you start your transformation at, how you are progressing (fast or slow), etc. You have to agree that I can not put down on paper everything I have learned over the last 12 years.

For every person I will have different strategy but there are basic model that I follow and I never deviate from it!

Here it is:

Start with elimination diet: If it doesn’t fly, walk, run or swim or it is not a vegetable, do not eat it!

The only exception will be the avocado which is actually a fruit but that’s it!

Have one coffee in the morning with coconut oil, make sure you blend it to get a nice smooth texture. Drink only teas throughout the day. Green teas and macha are the best. Drink lots of water!

Start the day with meat or fish and my famous avocado dip. Here is how to make it.

  • soft avocado
  • tb/sp Coconut Oil-
  • A drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil- by taste Salt and pepper on taste.
  • Lemon Juice-
  • Turmeric Powder 1 tea spoon- I like this brand
  • seasoning on taste.
  • It is only optional but some time I like to add sun-dried tomatoes.

Smash everything together with a spoon and you are ready to use it.

I use the mix as a dip for my meat or fish in the morning.

One thing that I don’t negotiate with my clients no matter what they would like to achieve with their training in the gym is the breakfast. No matter who you are, you’ve got to start the day with high protein and high fat breakfast. There are many reasons for that but there are best explained by my mentor Charles Poliquin in this article here.

Just please note that Charles is talking about meat and nut breakfast but I strongly reccomend to take the nuts out of your diet for at least 3 weeks as they are one of the top food groups that may cause inflammation in the gastrointestinal track. For more info read Part 1

Make sure you don’t eat any processed meat and try to invest into organic, free range meat and fish. If you happen to eat some non organic meat make sure it is a lean cut as toxins go in the fat cells most of the time and non organic fatty meat will be very toxic. Fat from free range grass fed animal has got great health properties and it is not to be avoided. Do you home work and research! The best book to read on the topic is Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf.

Make sure you eat at least 2g per 1kg of body weight per day for males and 1.2g per 1kg of body weight per day for females. You can have more if you feel hangry. The higher the protein intake (only from dietary sources not drinks) the better.

I can see how the IFYM (If it Fits Your Macros) lunatics are getting ready to strike me down with a vicious social media attack but I want to remind them and everyone else that I am only talking from experience and everything I say it solely only an opinion and not a scientific research . I can show you a scientific study though that support my humble observation that the higher the protein the better for fat loss despite the higher calorific intake for people on. Read this article

Make sure, you add lots of smart fats into your diet. When it comes to dietary fats just remember this very profound code- Structure of the fats changes the function! Some fats can kill you but some can build you back!

Coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, walnut oil, hemp oil, avocado, avocado oil, ghee, lard and fish oil (take as a supplement, check point number 5). Cook with coconut oil, avocado oil, ghee and lard. Use extra virgin olive oil, walnut oil, hemp oil for cold dressing. You can also finish your steamed or boiled veggies with the last mentioned oils but make sure you do that when they are already served in the plate away from the fire. How much? At this point, it doesn’t really matter, just make sure you use the right fats at the right time. Get rid of any trans fats (dip fried shit) and vegetable oils. More on smart fats, read a book called “Smart Fat” by Steven Masley and Jonny Bowden.

Stay on this protocol for at least 14 days. Every person is diffrent but normally it takes two weeks for most of the people to start feeling better. If it is very important not to cheat for the first 14 days and keep away from carbs and take lots of smart fats. You will be teaching the body to use fat for energy rather than glycogen (aka carbs).

Use Himalayan salt only and use as much as you want. When you are on low carb diet, salt is your friend. Do not use table salt, it is poison! Here is the link

Day number 15 have some carbs from non grain gluten free sources ONLY FOR DINNER! I like to use sweet potatoes or normal potatoes for this refeed day as they are the safest. Don’t go crazy, just have a nice dinner. Do not use frozen chips as what you get with frozen chips is not potatoes and it has got gluten and other shits in it.

Start introducing the starchy carbs every 5th day. Use potatoes, sweet potatoes, wild rice, coconut flour or yam as these are definitely gluten free products. Later on you can experiment with other gluten free products (pasta, oats, other gluten free options) but please remember these option are only for your refeed days not for every day use .

You have only one meal every 5th day where you are allowed you starchy carbs.

The rest of the time- meat, fish, veggies and avocado. Note that throughout the whole this process you will need to be losing body fat. You will need to be waking up leaner and feeling good very next day after your carb meal. If you don’t, it means that you have overdone it slightly with the carbs and next time when you have your refeed meal use less. The other possibility is, you had the wrong type of carbs. What do I mean by that? Some time, even you get gluten free product it might not be gluten free (this is why I like potatoes for my refeed days). According to the best gluten expert Tom O’Brian, 40% of the gluten free products on the market are not actually gluten free and nobody has got control over this phenomenon.

Introduce a portion of berries to your breakfast as a desert. Keep to only one portion of fruit a day for your breakfast and make sure it is a type of berries. Stay on this diet for another 3 weeks. By the end of this cycle you should have reduced your body fat with 7-9% for male and anything between 5-7% for female (I have seen much better results than that). Again you should be dropping body fat continuously. If not not something is going wrong and needs adjustment.

Keep going with the above diet until you drop down to 15% body fat for male and 17% for female.
Once you get there try to introduce one type of nuts to your diet at a time. Make sure it is organic as GMO nuts are dangerous. Also make sure you activate your nuts. You get more nutrient value from nuts and seeds if you soak them, and then dehydrate them. Kimi Harris, The Nourishing Gourmet, has a great post on this: Read this article to find out why and how.

It is very important to not mix the nuts at the beginning. It is time to start testing your guts if they are ready to digest nuts. This is how I would do it. So far you have been doing everything right, inflammation should be down and and you should feel amazing and lighter on your feet . Do this protocol on your two conservative non refeed days.

First Day

Weigh yourself first thing in the mornng after you empty your bladder and make a note of your weight.

Eat for breakfast meat and the type of activated nuts you would like to introduce to your diet. Have a good handful of the nuts but no more for the rest of the day and do not introduce anything else different in your diet. Next morning when you wake up, weigh yourself again after you empty your bladder and if your weight has gone up with more than a pound do not touch them again for 3 more months. This means that your body is under inflammation and water retention is present. Wait for the inflammation to go down (1-3 days) and your body weight to start going down and you can try your next type of nuts. Find at least 3 (preferably more) types of nuts that you can have for breakfast and keep rotating them. CAUTION! ONLY EAT HANDFUL OF NUTS WITH YOUR BREAKFAST! Keep cycling the starchy carbs every 5th day!

Finding the nuts (by the way it is the same for seeds) that you can tolerate will take 2-3 weeks. Your body fat should be even further down. Now it is time to try to introduce the eggs. Follow exactly the same protocol as the nuts. Make sure though you use only free range and organic eggs. Unlike the nuts, I would strongly recommend, if you are ready to bring the eggs back in your diet , only have them once a week. When you eat them, eat a lot, 5-6 at the time and make sure you boil or pouch them.

Keep the yolk runny as all the goodness is in the yolk. The notion of the yolk being high in cholesterol and it is bad for you is an outdated concept and it is total nonsense. Keep cycling the starchy carbs. Again the rule is to be progressively getting leaner, if not, go back to eating the same way you ate when you were losing body fat convincingly. This will take 2 more weeks to establish! Keep cycling the starchy carbs every 5th day!

When you go down to 12% for male and under 15% for female you can start introducing starchy carbs in your diet a bit more often- make it up to 2 refeed meals a week. It will be the right time for you at this point to experiment with a glass of good quality organic wine (white or red) ONLY on your refeed days. This way you wont look so weird at any social events.

You can start experimenting now with introducing dairy but be very carful with dairy products! The dairy products in the supermarkets are dead and poisonous due to pasteurisation and processing.The yogurt is not yogurt and milk is full of antibiotics and hormones. Choose raw milk and dairy products from local farms. Here is a llink where to find a supplier.

Also goat milk would be much easier on the guts for most people.

Use my 6 top foundation supplements.

Ok, so a lot of people are very sceptical when it comes to supplements and the media doesn’t help much by showing documentaries that present supplements as only being for profit. To an extent they are right but only partly.

Anything you see on the High Street is probably poor to inadequate quality. The truth of the matter is that good supplements are expensive. It’s hard for shops to sell high-quality supplements all the while the product next to it on the shelf is three times cheaper. The tendency is for health shops to offer the cheapest product on the market so they stay in business.

There is no government body (for good or bad) to regulate the quality of the supplements and shops end up selling very bad quality that can be harmful rather than helpful.

More about the supplement topic here

Bottom line is, that if I run blood work for 100 people every day I will find deficiencies of the following biochemicals in 99.9% of the people

1. Vitamin B6 and B12
2. Vitamin C
3. Omega 3 fatty acids
4. Zinc
5. Magnesium
6. Vitamin D- (big problem especially in UK)

You need optimal levels of all of these to optimise your sex hormones, be at optimal health and pave the way for easier and effortless fat loss.

It is important to find safe, high-quality, and effective nutritional supplement products. Be aware that all brands are not created equally. Quality is up to the manufacturer because of limited regulations regarding manufacturing. Certain companies are more careful about quality, sourcing of raw materials, consistency of dose from batch to batch, the use of active forms of nutrients, not using fillers, additives, colourings, etc. When choosing supplements it is important that you choose quality products. I like Poliquin products as they never have failed when using on myself and all my clients.

I have created a shop, True Performance Supplements, that help people can buy good quality supplements in UK. Here is a list of my to 6 supplements that I would recommend to everybody from yang adult to elderly.

Start your supplementation together with your diet and you will get the results 3 times faster.

1. HCL HCL stands for hydrochloric acid and it should be everybody’s top supplement providing your stomach is not producing enough HCL. More info on the topic, read the article here.
2. Fish Oil
3. Intense Multi-Iron Free for men and menopausal women. Men and menopausal women don’t need to supplement with iron as long as they have diet high in green veg and protein. There are two versions Multi Intense Iron Free and < a href=””>Multi Intense
4. Zinc
5. Magnesium– also called by many “miracle mineral”
6. Vitamin D3

Mean while keep pushing the weights and try to get as strong as possible.

More on the topic read my post.

Have a happy transformation!

Coach Ivor