Look Good Naked

Tone up, weight loss, shape up, get cut, get a six pack, lose weight, you can call it what ever you like but the truth is that we all would like to look good naked!

Having the muscular and lean body is a very good indicator of optimal health!

We only have two variable substances in our human bodies that can change our appearance and make a difference in our health – BODY FAT and LEAN MUSCLE TISSUE. We all have certain amount of total body percentage and lean tissue in our bodies as I speak which can be expressed with numbers. And manipulating those numbers (body fat down and muscle tissue up) is what the fitness industry calls “TONING UP“.

For example Chris on the “before” picture (left side) was 83kg holding 25% body fat and 61.9kg of lean mass.

After a 12 week focused training protocol his body fat wend down to 6.4% and he gained just under 5kg of lean tissue. So his final stats were as follow

  • Body Weight- 70.9kg
  • Body Fat- 6.4%
  • Lean Mass- 66.9kg

When you look at the pictures bellow you may say that Chris “lost weight“, some of you may say “he got cut“, or may be that “he has toned up“, or may be “he has shaped up“.

Well, I don’t mind you using any of the above terms but when you decide to change the way you look you will need to use the real terms (body fat percentage and muscle tissue) vs ambiguous statements (tone up, weight loss, shape up, six pack, etc.) as this will steer you away from the specific objective- DROPPING BODY FAT or BUILDING MUSCLE or the two together as it was Chris’s case.

A goal to be achieved needs to be SMART:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time Framed

A good way to start your fitness journey is to get your body fat measured. Biosignature is not only a great tool to establish your starting body composition for your fitness journey but also to help you build your unique strategy for fast and efficient body composition goals.

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