Fun is Over, Time to Get Serious

Here is my best fat loss boosting 3 weeks cycle for rapid results. Each protocol will challenge your anaerobic and aerobic fitness which will strip flabber from your frame whilst preserving or in some cases packing some additional muscle mass.

Ladies, don’t worry! You will not build muscle on this protocol, you will only TONE UP! Which basically means “dropping body fat”!


The protocol concentrates into compound relatively heavy lifting but it is imperative to the protocol to complete all reps and stick to the prescribed rest.

Please Note: If you are female, for better results drop the rest with 15-20 sec, increase the reps with 2-3 and finally do one extra set.

Exercise Sets & Reps Tempo Rest
A-1 Back Squats (heels elevated) 4 x 10-12 30-10 60 seconds
A-2 Incline Bench Press 4 x 10 40-10 60 seconds
A-3 Dead Lifts from floor 4 x 10-12 30-10 60 seconds
A-4 Over Hand Lat Pulldown 4 x 10 40-10 90 seconds
B-1 Decline Dumbell Triceps Ext 3 x 10-12 30-10 75 seconds
B-2 Incline Biceps Curl 3 x 8-10 40-10 75 seconds


The prescribed rest is only given to move from exercise to exercise. The protocol is focused on challenging aerobic capacity by using light unilateral exercises.

Exercise Sets & Reps Tempo Rest
A-1 Dumbbell step ups 3 x 15 10-10 10 seconds
A-2 Low Incline dumbell press 3 x 15 30-10 10 seconds
A-3 Stiff leg dead lifts 3 x 15 30-10 10 seconds
A-4 Single Arm dumbell rows 3 x 15 30-10 10 seconds
A-5 Weighted sit ups 3 x 15 30-10 15 seconds

4 min rest. Move to the next complex

Exercise Sets & Reps Tempo Rest
B-1 Dumbbell lunges 3 x 15 20-10 10 seconds
B-2 One arm standing dumbell press 3 x 15 20-10 10 seconds
B-3 Back extensions 3 x 15 30-10 10 seconds
B-4 Single low pulley arm row 3 x 15 20-10 10 seconds
B-5 leg raises from bench 3 x 15 30-10 10 seconds

This programme gives you 3 days of rest (Wed, Saturday and Sunday) which is fine because the protocols are very challenging bur for those who have more time on their hands I would include 25min HIIT on stationary bike.

Here is an example

Use bike.

10 intervals of 45 sec with very high resistance – 65-70 RPM. Resistance need to be very high so you can barely can sustain 45 sec with the given RPM.

Have 2 min active rest between each interval by dropping the resistance down to a level that allows you to clear the lactic acid and bring back the hart rate down.

Live Your True Potential

Coach Ivor