Dieting For Fat Loss

Get it right, there is no shortcut to this!

OK, what are all these new titles that we have in the newly created fat loss industry- dietitians, nutritionists, biosignature practitioners, naturopaths, functional medicine practitioners and God knows what other titles exist now days providing professional advise for effective fat loss and that is all fine but here is the problem.

People go to all these professionals assuming that each one of these specialists possess the arc of the covenant and the key for it and once they open it they will reveal the sacred secrets for easy fat loss dieting!

Well, you know where I am going with this , there are no easy ways!

After you pay shit loads of money then you realise that there is no shortcut to losing weight and fat loss.
What you end up is a plan that require a new life style changes and not very much tasty options for stuffing your face with. Let me tell you something that you probably will never hear from any fat loss professional. I got a pretty close clarification for my next statement from one of the top fat loss professionals in the industry, Nick Mitchell the founder of UP Fitness, probably the most successful body transformation brand in the world. Here you go,

80 percent of the people pretty much only need the same basic diet- lots of greens, plenty of good smart fats, lots of lean animal or fish protein, hydration and portioned controlled grain-less complex carbs to start their fat loss journey.

That’s it! What is the confusion then?

Well, the confusion is caused by our precious government and the main media stream- “Eat what you want in moderation“, “You need a balanced diet” (and nobody can actually explain exactly what balanced diet is), “You can eat what you like as long as you burn the calories in the gym“, this one is outrageous “drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week“. Whaaaaat, 14 units?

This is crazy! Check this link, if you don’t believe me.

Well, the ineffectiveness of these stupid philosophies advocated by our “precious” and “caring” authorities inevitability will lead to the necessity of other professionals (dietitians, nutritionists, naturopaths, biosignature practitioners, etc.) that will tell you the truth but now you will have to pay big bucks because they will have to make a living as well. You pay them, they pay taxes to the government and this how our precious authorities are making money out of thin air where it is the government’s responsibility to disclose the information to its people in the first place for FREE.

Before we get into deeper conspiracy theories about government games and schemes let me give you the insights of these newly made professionals (this include myself as well). They look at overweight people with different understanding as they have different philosophies about fat loss. They know that people carrying excessive body fat may not be diagnosed with any condition but nevertheless they are dealing with faulty physiology with disregulated hormonal balance. Doubt the power of the hormones?!

Just look at the people using anabolic steroids, it is obvious that they do wanders to our body composition. Ok, we will never be able to match the same hormonal status using natural remedies and diets but if we chase perfection we might be able to catch excellence. What I mean is that if we try to put our hormones back to normal and increase our natural testosterone then we have a better chance of achieving sustainable fat loss and better body composition.

Ok, I have been accused of writing too long posts so I will stop here and if you would like to read my next post about what the solutions are to correcting our hormones for achieving sustainable fat loss and aesthetically good looking body, please like my post and share.

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Coach Ivor