Diet or Lifestyle

“We are what we are because of our rituals!” Tony Robins

Rituals are actions or activities and habits that we are accustomed to on daily, monthly and yearly basis but the difference is that a ritual is lot stronger than a habit. Ritual can not be skipped or undermined, or forgotten. Ritual is so strong that even on the verge of 3 world war you are still going to perform the action.

For an example like when you wake up in the morning and brush your teeth. Can you think of what would need to be happening in the world for you to not brash you teeth in the morning. Well, this is what I call a ritual.

And our physical appearance and emotional state is a reflection entirely on our daily, monthly and yearly rituals. Although the mind and body are interconnected I will only focus on physical appearance as this is what I specialise in and where I believe my expertise can make a difference.

Our physical appearance is simply a manifested reality from our daily eating and lifestyle habits and rituals

What do I mean by that?

Let’s have a look at the two different profiles- an overweight, tiered and wired male or female and the very opposite profile, the lean, muscular full of energy friend.

We all know someone who can be perfect examples of either one of the above described profiles, I urge you to examine either one of them by asking them questions or observing them (if you can) about their rituals aka their daily habits. It goes without saying that the daily rituals of our overweight feller will be very different from the rituals of the friend with the opposite profile (lean and muscular).

And this make sense, right?

I can hear some of you already talking “of course they have different rituals, one is exercising the other one is not”. Well, exercise is only one of the many rituals in my humble opinion that contribute to our good physical appearance. Let’s say that our good looking friend is training 6 times a week for an hour (which I think is absolutely unnecessary if you want to build an impressive physique, 3-5 times a week is enough with some weeks going down to twice a week), that would be 6 hours a week of his or her life that will be defiantly different from the weekly life of our overweight feller. But what about the rest of the other 162 hours a week?!

What do you think? It is virtually impossible for those two profiles to have the same habits and rituals throughout their usual days, you have to be crazy not to agree with my analogy or may be I am the crazy one! Only kidding.

Whilst our fit feller is living a life by rules and principles about healthy eating and sleeping, the other one is thinking about going on a diet.

The problem is that the word “diet” only tells our overweight friend’s subconscious mind that this is only a temporary change in his/her eating rituals and soon after the diet period when she or he has achieved the desired weight loss goal she or he will be back to his or her normal daily eating habits or rituals. And the reality is that this really happens as we speak to millions of people around the world but in the mean time our fit buddy has got adopted the same diet principles that our fat friend is trying to implement but as permanent rituals and habits.

Well, if you are with me so far we have a situation where two people are doing the same thing but one of them has got accepted his/her behaviour as a permanent state and the other one is thinking that is only a temporary. If you do something temporary then logically you will eventually shortly will go back to your old habits and rituals which are the habits and rituals that got you in the state that made you to want the change badly in the first place.

It is never a winning game!

Here is a very simple example of how this works. Bradley Carter is one of my top clients and I would like to thank him for his dedication and also putting up with my strict demands.

Once upon a time he had habits and rituals that led to him to look like this.

Bradley Before

Once upon a time he had habits and rituals that led to him to look like this.

The diet required totally different habits and rituals. He had to change the way he lived his life and then Bradley started to look like this.

Bradley After

Then somehow I made him realise that if he let go his new life style rituals then his new appearance will turn into his old physique and he could not bear that so he accepted his new diet and habits as permanent life style change.

So here is a question for you- are you ready for the new fad diet or permanent life style changes that you will convert into rituals and never let go?

Yours in good health,

Coach Ivor